# Set the financial goals of your life that you want to fulfill over the years, # Determine the time frame of each financial objective.  # Divide each financial objective into short, medium, and long-term goals segments.  # Determine your risk appetite and asset allocation between equity and debt asset classes
People wonder what different Financial Planners know about finances which a common man doesn’t know. Well, frankly not much. Financial Planners do not have a magic wand with them that suddenly they are going to change your current state of finances neither they can get you where you want to
Nowadays some posts are making rounds on social media platforms where some comparison has been made between two things. The first one is the product of the company and the second one is its current stock value. The comparison states that: If in past you had consumed the product manufactured by that company instead of
Many people ask me one question. “ Mam, how much importance I should give to mutual fund investment in my portfolio.”. Such a question is obvious when you do not understand what is a mutual fund and how it works. Mutual Funds are suitable to all types of investors having ultra-short, short, and
Mutual Funds
I am often been asked about how to invest the lump sum amount. Recently one of my blog readers wants to know how to deploy 1 Cr so that he can earn monthly income out of it as well he wants to protect his capital. My reply to his query
Investment Planning

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