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Senior Citizen Planning

Retirement Planning

Special Offers To Retirees And Senior Citizens
( 58 And Above)

Retirement is that period of life when we can live our life fully, we can fulfill our unfulfilled desires, try to achieve our dreams, follow our passion and hobbies. These things can be achieved only when you have sufficient money and good health by your side. Every investor is concerned about his/her Golden Years.

Many times we saved a lot by sacrificing our present pleasure and enjoyment for sake of our retirement but don’t plan how to safeguard the retirement kitty once it is in our hands. What are the retirees’ requirements when they retire?

After Retirement, Retirees have lots of time in hand which they want to spend on traveling, reading, chatting with friends and family, etc. They want mental peace and want to live a financially worry-free life.

Fees For Advice On Investing Individual Person's Retirement Kitty

For Resident

Rs 15,000
(Those who have liquid assets upto 1 Crore)
  • One Time Service Cost

For Non-Resident
Indians (NRIs)

Rs 18,500
(Those who have liquid assets upto 1 Crore)
  • One Time Service Cost
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