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Comprehensive Financial Planning

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Comprehensive Financial Planning for the individual which includes

Financial Planning does not involve just investment. It involves the basics of financial planning like how well you have to prepare for emergencies (like loss of life, hospitalization expenses, meeting with an accident or sudden income loss/job loss), how to be a conscious spender, which goals to be prioritized in your life and how to fund and achieve those goals by well-planned strategy. With this comprehensive service, I help you clearly identify and quantify your Financial Goals, evaluate the current financial situation, and develop an efficient road map to achieve your life goals. I carry out research on recommendation which will be according to your profile and recommend solutions tailored to your needs and chose on all the options available in an unbiased manner. With professional risk profiling, diversification, asset allocation, and risk management as per your unique profile, a written financial plan is developed and presented to you. In this comprehensive financial planning, I also review your existing investments and insurance in detail and recommend changes as needed. With annual review and monitoring, we will ensure that you are on the right track.

We will also revise the financial plan if needed in response to the changing circumstances in your lifestyle, family needs, employment, and other external factors.

The fee of the Comprehensive Financial Planning Process

For Resident

Rs 15,000 For First Year
  • Second-year onwards-Rs.7,000.

For Non-Resident
Indians (NRIs)

Rs 20,000 For First Year
  • Second-year onwards - Rs 10,000
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