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Preeti Zende

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Preeti Zende

When it comes to Financial Planning: ​

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Our family is the most important for us. Family is considered strong, stable, flexible, enduring and foundation for our being. For a happy family, its financial well being is equally important.

Every family’s financial needs, aspirations and ideas are unique and precious. Financial well being for the families can be built. It needs a personalized approach and meticulous planning.        

Many of you follow Do it Yourself approach when it comes to financial management.

How do you know if you could benefit from the services of a financial planner?

You may not have the time, energy and the desire to actively plan and manage certain financial aspects of your life. You may want help getting started. Here you need an expert and experienced financial planner. Count on us for this.


What I do


Comprehensive Financial Planning

Comprehensive financial planning is a holistic approach to personal financial management. It brings in a 360-degree view of your financial life. It includes examining your current financial situation, hedging all your life goals with appropriate Insurances, and design your investments by following  Goal-Based Investment study.


Express Plan

Most of the time we follow DIY (Do it yourself) approach for handling our finances. But sometimes they are not sure about the financial instruments which they have chosen for achieving their goals. They need expert review about their existing investments and guidance if some changes needed. We provide REVIEW service under ‘Express Plan’ for the client’s existing Equity-linked and Debt mutual funds investments as well as other investments. We suggest necessary changes in the portfolio according to the client’s risk profile and aline those with their financial goals.


Senior Citizen Planning

Many times we saved a lot by sacrificing our present pleasure and enjoyment for sake of our retirement but don’t plan how to safeguard the retirement kitty once it is in our hands.
In this service I will guide you how to invest this accumulated amount such a way that more emphasis is given on safeguarding the capital as well as earning inflation hedged return.


Financial wellness session

I conduct corporate financial planning session for your employees. I also conduct Financial literacy sessions in different NGOs and social welfare associations.

Financial Literacy Initiative

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What My Clients Say?

The financial plan handed out by Preeti after the in-depth analysis is comprehensive and easily understandable for a new investor. The action plan at the end of the report is crisp and concise
Ankit Srivastava
Software Quality Engineer 2 at Dell EMC
Preeti has been wonderful to work with, I like the attention to detail, the holistic approach in planning, the patience in explaining elaborate concepts simply
Pravin Singh
Data Scientist, Web Analytics Hub
When I received such a detailed financial plan I was very much surprised. I did not expect that. My compliments to Preeti for preparing a detailed and a financial comprehensive plan, keeping into consideration my financial needs for the future.
Mohit Lama
Retired Colonel, Indian Army

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Preeti Zende

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