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when I received 45 pages detailed financial plan from Preeti I was just amazed. In my 35 years of life, I never had done such detailed financial planning. Each thought is perfectly articulated and all technical concepts are also explained in a simpler manner. Easy for a layman to understand the details of his financial plan and execute it by himself.

Benson Sampath

Marine Engineer, Works at MTM Ship Management

The financial plan handed out by Preeti after the in-depth analysis is comprehensive and easily understandable for a new investor. It focuses in detail on every aspect of an individual. The action plan at the end of the report is crisp and concise and has recommendations that need no further analysis or consultation. Overall the process of consultation, Preeti had been co-operative and patient to every single detail. I have had numerous telephonic interactions with her regarding any doubt that I had in mind, her ability to educate her clients on the pros and cons is remarkable. I am quite satisfied with the quality and promptness of the service provided by Preeti and am willing to continue the contract term for the foreseeable future. 

Ankit Srivastava

Software Quality Engineer 2 at Dell EMC

When I received such a detailed financial plan I was very much surprised. I did not expect that. My compliments to Preeti for preparing a detailed and a financial comprehensive plan, keeping into consideration my financial needs for the future.

I am fortunate and thank the Almighty that out of the four options available, I opted for your services. I am sanguine that with your guidance, not only will I be financially sound but wiser too. The simplicity with which you have dealt with a complex issue needs to be complemented. It hardly leaves any doubt, even to a novice like me. To that extent my compliments to you once again.  Well done. 

Mohit Lama

Retired Colonel, Indian Army

Preeti has been wonderful to work with, I like the attention to detail, the holistic approach in planning, the patience in explaining elaborate concepts simply, and in answering any queries one has. If you have big financial goals and want to save/invest regularly to achieve them, don’t think much, hire her and follow the plans diligently

Pravin Singh

Data Scientist, Web Analytics Hub

I have started my investing journey with DIY route with some friendly advice & online information available on internet. Because of this , investments were way scattered & over the period of time it is difficult to track it. This is the time I started looking for professional help to structure my finances. After some searching on internet , my friend ‘Google’ has shown me the way to Fee Only Financial Planners.
After going through that list , I have decided to avail service of Apanadhan. After series of conversations , Preeti prepared detailed Financial Plan for me based on my goals & mapped my current investments to my goals. This is how my goal based investing started finally with help of Preeti. She is also guiding me in financial queries as and when required. Overall my experience to associate with Preeti is very much pleasent . I am very much thankful to PREETI for the help she has extended to me towards gaining Financial Literacy.

Amar Joshi

Supervisor in Qatar Steel, QPSC

Shruti Khanna

IT Security Consultant, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Preeti Zende

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