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In today’s world, everyone wants quick results, be it fame, success, or money. In terms of money, post covid share market was been considered a place to earn quick bucks to satisfy short-term wishes or aspirations and as well to satisfy an ego that I can double my money in a short period
Stock investment
We earn relentlessly. We also try to save and invest as much as possible. But do you give equal importance to managing this wealth which is in the form of different investments? Recently, one of our clients called me for a quick review. He was hospitalized for a Covid and the hospitalization was
A family suffers a huge emotional loss and a possible financial loss due to the untimely death of the breadwinner. Emotional loss is irreplaceable, but a financial loss could be replaced by life insurance. We must calculate the sum insured by taking into account all the future financial needs of your family. Life Insurance
The scariest thing in life would be this: living paycheque to paycheque. But unfortunately, this is a reality of many millennials now a days. Actually, this situation is not just with millennials but can be seen with middle-aged group people also. The most important reason for the same is lifestyle creeping. Most of us get
Insurance is a form of risk management that is primarily used to cover the risk which can happen accidentally, at any time, and for uncertain losses. Insurance is a mechanism that is designed to cover the risk taken by the insurer by pooling a reserve of money to protect the

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