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Many investors really do not understand this concept while investing. But over-diversification leads to poor portfolio management as well as a decline in overall profits due to unnecessary costs. Over diversification means # You are investing in a similar type of mutual funds from 2 different AMCs or # from the same AMC where those funds are investing in a similar set
Mutual Funds
The market is all-time high again. There seems to be a sustainable bull run till any negative global or local news arrives. In this bull run also some big giants of the Sensex index like Reliance, HDFC, HDFC bank are in sluggish mode. In contrast, some mid stocks of the index are performing better. So
Mutual Funds
Friends, through my blogs and other social media platforms, I always try to spread Financial literacy among you all. Whatever knowledge I have I try to put that in simple words so that a layman can understand the jargon of Personal Finance. Sometimes I give some hypothetical examples to simplify complex financial
Investment Planning
Investing bias can occur both consciously and unconsciously. Many investors believe that it’s only their instincts that help them select the right financial product for a particular goal, but often, these first impressions are guided by their own inherent biases. These biases normally creep into the investing and selection of any
Investment Planning
Our family is the most important for us. Family is considered strong, stable, flexible, enduring, and foundation for our being. For a happy family, its financial well being is equally important. But sometimes we keep on postponing basic money management things which are important to protect our loved ones. The reasons could be: #

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