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The scariest thing in life would be this: living paycheque to paycheque. But unfortunately, this is a reality of many millennials now a days. Actually, this situation is not just with millennials but can be seen with middle-aged group people also. The most important reason for the same is lifestyle creeping. Most of us get
Insurance is a form of risk management that is primarily used to cover the risk which can happen accidentally, at any time, and for uncertain losses. Insurance is a mechanism that is designed to cover the risk taken by the insurer by pooling a reserve of money to protect the
All investment decisions we make come with inherited characteristics of risk. The decision will relate to the amount of money we invest, our circumstances at the time, and our needs for the future. Risk is the chance that we will not achieve our financial goals. Secondly, risk and return go
We face risk in every second of our life. Some risks are known and can be seen and some are unknown and unseen. We give importance to manage some risks but we sometimes delay some risk thinking that we may never face it in life. When our life is going very smoothly
Modern women now started taking interest in handling their finances. They are seriously involved in the household’s overall financial planning process too. It is a known fact women are deeply dedicated to the work which they take up. Once women decided to handle their finances on their own they are very sincere to follow the investment
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