How a Fee-Only Financial Planner can benefit you?

Our family is the most important for us. Family is considered strong, stable, flexible, enduring, and foundation for our being. For a happy family, its financial well being is equally important. But sometimes we keep on postponing basic money management things which are important to protect our loved ones. The reasons could be:

# We lack interest in doing those,

# We may find it boring or

# We really do not know its importance.

# And importantly we may not know the importance of hiring an expert for guiding us in managing the finances.

Every family’s financial needs, aspirations, and ideas are unique and precious. Financial well being for the families can be built. It needs a personalized approach and meticulous planning.

Many of you follow Do it Yourself (DIY) approach when it comes to financial management.

But sometimes you are not sure about the financial instruments which you have chosen for achieving your goals.

You may not have the time, energy, and the desire to actively plan and manage certain financial aspects of your life.

You may want help getting started. Here you need an expert and experienced Fee-Only Financial Planner. Expert financial advisors work with you jointly to help you plan your finances and enable you to make well informed financial decisions.

As expert financial planners,

# They understand these priorities, and leveraging their services will keep you on track. .

# They take time to understand your unique challenges and goals and provide solutions tailored to you.

# They maintain a one-to-one relationship with you and monitor the implementation and progress of the plan.

# They demonstrate the benefits of your specific scenario where you may be stuck up..

# They create awareness of financial planning among their client by following the simplistic and easy to follow the approach of the Financial Planning process.

# The advice you get is highly professional, transparent, well researched, and always in your best interest.

#  They prepare the Financial Plan in response to the changing circumstances in your lifestyle, family needs, employment, your current and future income generating capacity and other external factors.

# They carry out research on recommendation which will be according to your profile and recommend solutions tailored to your needs and chose on all the options available in an unbiased manner. 

# With the fiduciary level of care overseen by SEBI, they use a formal approach to planning, risk profiling, documentation, disclosures, and transparency.

I am myself a SEBI Registered Investment Advisor and I work as a Fee-only Financial Planner. I help in designing my client’s Financial Life, so that they are free from Money Management difficulties, worries of Financial needs in the future, and Focus on other important aspects of your life.

Financial planning is the process that I follow for my clients that best manages the personal financial situation of their home. It primarily serves by identifying the main economic objectives and formulating action plans to finance those objectives. It is a holistic approach that

# reviews current economic conditions of a family,

# assesses future needs,

# outlines the required course of action

# processes to meet current and future needs..

I believe in keeping things simple in life as well as in managing money. The same principles I follow in Personal Finance and I guide my clients to do the same.

Your financial welfare is my pleasure. I work with you jointly to help you plan your finances and enable you to make well informed financial decisions.

The most important benefit one can derive by working with a Fee only financial Planner is:

#They are built on the uncompromising promise that the advice given by them is totally unbiased and customer-centric.

# They sit with the customer side of the table not the other side/ front side of the table.

# It means that all the suggestions provided by us will be purely professional, well-researched, value-driven, and importantly based on keeping customer’s interest on utmost priority. 

#Each and every suggestion will be personalized keeping individuality in mind.

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