Changes in my way of life lead financial peace

I am a very fun-loving and lively person. I try to live life fully. But I always prefer disciplined and happy life. Five years ago I went for a trek in Sahyadari ranges. Saw the life of the villagers, experience their pure happiness so closely. With the very limited resources they were so happy and content. They need very little to enjoy life. They were enjoying life far better than me. They all live in PRESENT not in past or future. It completely changed my outlook towards life. When I went deep I compared my city life round me which was unhappy, stressful and incomplete. Then I decided to pursue this happiness being in city but changing my normal habits which will be my lifestyle henceforth.

This lifestyle helps me reduce my stress not only on body but from mind too as it automatically increase my saving and wealth too..

Even if I earn decently from my consultancy I always try to save each rupee I can. But it does not mean that I live life like a miser but rather I spend money on quality goods and only on selective items. Following are the simple things I started doing since last 5 years and it is making wonders on my saving ability.

First thing I did was I stop going to mall for every weekend. Instead of hanging out in malls I started going to parks for meeting my friends and spending quality time with family.

As I keep myself away from mall’s window shopping. So temptation of spending on new trends on cloths, footwear, gadgets and electronic appliances suddenly dropped.

As I started hanging out in parks I used to get fresh air, greener surrounding and innocence of kids around. I started giving more attentions to family members’ and friends’ talking.

I started making a list for my monthly grocery shopping. I stopped picking random things from grocery shop shelves. This habit made wonders to my savings on grocery.

I stopped buying all unnecessary items such as chocolates, biscuits, ready to eat snacks, chips, beverages, different floured sauces, yogurts, fried foods etc.

Shopping which I was doing for free items completely stopped when I realized I never needed that free items .

I started walking. Yes guys the basic thing which we forgot these days. I stopped using my scooter for smaller distance. It helped me save petrol as well as keeping me fit.

I started using public transport more rather than car ride for city travel and as well as outstation. If I am traveling alone outstation I never use car. Prefer car only with family.

U won’t belief but I stopped going out on every weekends. Rather, I prefer spend time with family in house by chatting, gardening, learning new things or simply watching a movie at home. It helped me spend time with family, saved my fuel charges, saved undue shopping cost and most importantly I saved myself unending weekend evening traffics.

As frequency of going out is cut substantially I cut down eating out too. And when I go out now for shopping I make sure my tummy is full so that I don’t munch out unnecessary unhealthy food. Guys you also try out this formula it works magically on your pocket and your body too.

I stop downloading any shopping app now and deleted whatever I have in my phone. It helps me to save myself from shopping of clothes, accessories, make up kits, jewelry, shoes, bags etc … etc…. It helps me get out of addiction of continuous checking SALE on online shopping portals. It saved my money and place in my wardrobe too..

When I am home I make sure I eat homemade food only. I stopped ordering from online food portal. It works superbly on my health my savings and as well as my cooking skills.

I stop going out to fancy Gyms for workout. Instead, start practicing YOGA at home under expert guidance since last couple of years. YOGA not help me to keep myself fit and slim but also handle my mental stress which none other workout can offer. For YOGA, I spend very little amount in form of fees and no other fancy items required like protein shake high end gym accessories etc. (Let me clear I am NOT against going gym, Zumba, aerobics or any other workout. YOGA is my favorite, It’s my personal choice).

I restricted my credit card use for bill payments, travel booking and insurance payment only. I start keeping minimum cash in my purse and think twice to swap debit card on any unnecessary thing.

Last but not least I totally stopped buying cheap Chinese items for household stuff or personal use. Instead, I buy MADE IN INDIA products which may be costly but it helped me save money which will be spent on repeated poor quality product.

Remember :

Saving is the first stepping stone of Personal Finance. Wealth creation process started only when we start saving. Saving is the first process which leads us to Financial Freedom. Saving always starts in your mind first then you implement it in reality. Many people find it very difficult to sacrifice their current enjoyment for the future which is uncertain. They want to live today and take the day as it comes. This philosophy is very risky. One should give proper importance to Saving and Investing which can provide us a bright future.

Saving can be done from One rupee as well. Saving means your income – your expenses. If you have One rupee and you spend 85 paise you still manage to save 15 paise. Here I am trying to say is Saving should start from the mind and accordingly, we should follow the process to control our expenses which will result in a saving.

Last thought:

So Saving is very subjective and personalized. Fix your saving target and work on it. If you also consider above mentioned points you can save substantially as I do… And still have all the FUN of life………

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  1. Rich? I’m the author of “The Wealthy Fisherman/Investment lessons I learned from my father “ I come from a humble background. So, I was asked, was your father wealthy? I remember, I had to give that some thought. But, today I can say he was wealthy, and rich with wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. He taught me, save, spend less than you earn. Invest in yourself, and help others.

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